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Hangzhou Handun Machinery Co., Ltd.
Fournisseur multi-spécialités
Principaux produits:Ancienne Chaîne de Convoyeur Robuste Chaîne D'entraînement, Pavé Chaîne D'ascenseur, Chaîne de Moulin À Sucre
Total floorspace (93㎡)Annual export US $4,570,032Years in industry(9)Sample-based customization

Compétence de base de l'entreprise

Research and Development of Engineer Class Chain
More than 50 years experiences in Engineer Chain, we serve for hundreds of industry in China. We developed more than 6000 items of engineer class chain for our customers.
High Precision Equipment to ensure chain quality
Adopt high precision CNC machine to get high precision chain parts. High precision hydraulic press machines ensure the chain assembling quality.
Heat-treatment Technology is the heart of chain
Optimize and design the heat treatment process of parts for different user scenarios to maximize the chain life.
Strong machining capabilities to meet customers
Equipped with various milling machines, machining centers, welding machines, boring machines, grinders, lathes, planers, drilling machines, punches, cutting machines, etc..
Perfect quality test methods safeguard our quality
We have advanced testing equipment for quality monitoring from raw materials, parts processing, and finished product. There are also various performance testing equipment to help optimize the chains.
We have capabilities for completely chain conveyor
We also produce chain bucket machines, scraper conveyors, feeders, flue gas desulfurization and denitrification regeneration towers, rubber glove production lines, etc. for users.